What is DotSafe?
Connecting with your favorite celebrity, athlete, family member, friend or public figure is as easy as 123. DotSafe is a first-of-its kind safe space platform— enabling instant contact through text messaging for meaningful conversations; and with health and safety in mind.

So how?
Texting! It’s that simple! You can text a DotSafe Influencer just like your regular friends and receive a link to sign up. You’ll both be saved in each other’s contacts, and can immediately message back and forth. Standard carrier messaging rates apply; there are no additional charges; plus DotSafe can notify you if you came in contact with someone with Corvid19.

If I get a text back, is it actually from the DotSafe Influencer?
Yes! Messages will come from them or a trusted member of their team. It’s real and meaningful and health conscious.

How do I stop receiving messages?
Simple. Just text [STOP] short for: Stop Texts Over Phone and their number and you will immediately be removed from their contacts.

I want to edit my info (name, gender, birthday & location) – Yes! we can help. To request removal or edit of your data from the DotSafe platform, just send a request through the reply boxes

Is there an age requirement? 
Yes. You must be at least 13 years of age to use the DotSafe platform.

Personal Information & Security

Where do my texts actually go if I text a DotSafe number? Who can see them? 
Your texts go directly to the inbox of the DotSafe Influencer. It’s just the same as texting your friends.

Why do you need my information when I sign up? How do you use my personal information? 
In order to directly message you, a DotSafe Influencer needs your basic info. The signup questions helps a DotSafe Influencer know more about you to have a more meaningful conversation. This way, you receive messages you actually care about like events for example.

Does DotSafe advertise or sell my personal information?
Not at all! DotSafe does not sell your personal information.

Is my information and the content of my texts secure if I use this?
Yes. All data is securely stored and only accessible to the DotSafe Influencer or Customer Support (on an as-needed basis).

What happens to my information if I stop the service?
Your information is no longer visible after you unsubscribe and all of your information can be deleted upon request.  

Didn’t answer your question? 
Contact our team through the reply box.

To remove your data, please contact us through the reply box.
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